Practice Areas:

Estate Planning -- We can help you provide directions to your loved ones through Powers of Attorney, Wills, and Living Trusts naming who will take care of you if you become disabled, and how and to whom your estate will be distributed at your death.

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Updating Your Estate Plan -- Already have an estate plan?  How long has it been since you reviewed it with an attorney?  Unlike some law firms, we are willing to review estate plans prepared by other attorneys, explain what they actually say, and help you make changes and updates.

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What should you do if a loved one becomes disabled or dies?  We can help you deal with the legal complexities involved in making decisions for someone who is no longer able to handle his or her own affairs, or in handling the estate of someone who has died. 

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Are you buying or selling real estate?  Are you setting up a new business and want to protect your other assets by forming the business as a limited liability company or corporation?  We can help you with these matters.

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