Updating Your Estate Plan

Already have an estate plan? How long has it been since you reviewed it with an attorney?  We tell our clients that they should review their estate plans on a regular basis.  In our experience, the two areas which are most important to review are:

    1.    The beneficiaries of your estate plan -- Have there been changes in your family, such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces, or children or grandchildren reaching maturity (legally or financially) that would make you want to change your beneficiaries or your plan of distribution to these beneficiaries?

    2.    The people who carry out your estate plan -- Are the persons you name as Executor in your Will, or Trustee in your Trust, or Agent in your Durable Power of Attorney, still available and willing to handle these responsibilities.

In addition, just the passage of time can make all or part of your estate plan obsolete.  Laws change (see our page on "Current Developments") and the size of your estate can go up or down. For all these reasons, you should review your estate plan regularly.  
Unlike some law firms, we are willing to review estate plans prepared by other attorneys and explain to you what is actually in your current estate plan.  We charge a flat fee of $250 to review all of the estate planning documents prepared by your previous attorney, regardless of how lengthy they are, and then meet with you for a personal consultation to discuss them.  Once we have explained your existing estate planning documents to you, you can tell us what changes you want to make, and we can recommend modifications to meet your changed circumstances.  Whenever possible, we will prepare amendments to make these changes within your existing estate plan instead of starting over with new estate planning documents, and we will tell you the exact fee for making the changes you have requested before we do any further work.  

If you know that your current Will, Trust, or Power of Attorney is out of date, or if you just don't understand what these documents say, give us a call and we will be glad to review them with you.

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